Do you use color when making your fashion choices?  Consider this:

The Two Rules of Color

Rule 1:  Light colors tend to make objects appear larger and/or closer.

Rule 2:  Dark colors tend to make objects appear smaller and/or far away.

You know, none of us has a perfect figure.  We tend to be out of proportion in one area or another.  ALL OF US.

Now, knowing this, we can use contrasting light and dark colors to make adjustments to these proportions.  We can use colors to accentuate our positives and minimize our negatives.  

Let's start here.  Just a nice casual outfit with some great accessories:

Now let's look at the contrast between lighter or darker bottoms.  Use the shade that will best balance your top.  Remember, a lighter color will make things appear larger, while a darker color will make things appear smaller:

The same can be accomplished with your top.  Do you have broad shoulders or a large bust you would like to downplay?  Well, a darker shade will do that for you:

A belt is a great tool for enhancing your figure.  Use a darker shade at your natural waist to minimize that area, if necessary:

Even your shoes make a difference.  Notice how the image on the left appears taller than the one on the right.  If you have a hemline at your calf or shorter, footwear in a shade close to your own skin's tone will add length to your legs.

I hope these illustrations were helpful.  I try to use these rules every time I get dressed.  It has really affected the way I choose clothing and accessories when I shop.  I have included a video illustrating this concept -- feel free to share!