Size matters...

Do you fret over the size of earrings to wear? Do you decide based on the outfit, or maybe the style of the earring? When you see someone with a great look, do you even notice the earrings?

The general rule of thumb is "if your earrings aren't the size of a quarter or larger, they aren't an accessory, they are an afterthought." But how big is too big? Let's review:  The purpose of accessories is to point to the face, and specifically, the eyes. If you are wearing huge earrings, that's where the focus will be.  At the same time, if your earrings are too small, they won't direct that focus to your eyes.

The solution? Let balance be your guide. If you have a smaller face, lean towards a smaller earring. Oversized earrings will make a small face appear even smaller.  In this instance, large earrings can be overpowering.

For a larger face, go large. Small, dainty earrings will make a large face appear even larger. Not to mention, they tend to fade away altogether.

Scroll back and review the photos, where do your eyes focus on each one? The size really does make a difference.

Do some experimenting and determine your ideal sizes. It makes shopping for earrings so much easier - especially online. Take a few minutes, go through your earrings and pick the ones that work best for you. Measure and jot down a few of the sizes. Now when browsing online, you will know that your best earring is no smaller than __ inches and no larger than __ inches.

Size matters...